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• Ray White Leading Edge is a Northern Corridor - based real estate agency with a team that has been in real estate for many years and with considerable local area knowledge and experience.

• The simple yet highly effective formula employed by Ray White Leading Edge is focused on getting the price, promotion and presentation right and following that up by negotiating the best possible deal for the seller.

• Our entire team has served in the local area real estate industry for many years.  It’s a team with up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening to prices in your street, the experience to advise you on how to make your home more attractive to buyers and the know-how to implement an effective marketing program.

• Importantly, in our team you will find specialists committed to keeping you, the seller, updated at each step along the way – professionals with the experience and people skills to successfully engage with serious buyers in order to achieve a successful outcome for you.

• Getting the right team is one thing. Freeing them up to do what they do best is another. At Ray White Leading Edge we provide the training and the administrative and marketing support that sales consultants need to channel all their energies into selling your property; be it at the promotion, negotiation or settlement stage.

• Why choose us to manage your property?

Why should you choose Ray White Clarkson to manage your investment property?

To get an answer it's important to take note of what most of our new clients tell us. Some of those who came to us from other property management companies complained of poor communication, sporadic rental payments and a failure to be consulted on maintenance issues. Most cited our thorough personal service as the main reason for making a change.

For those investors who have managed their own properties, the motivation is clear – they want to take the hassle out of managing their property, with all its complications such as selecting and dealing with tenants and implementing complex tenancy legislation.

At Ray White Clarkson you will get a property management service based on four key principles – communicating with you regularly, always following your instructions, dealing with maintenance issues effectively and, most importantly in today's world, conducting thorough tenant checks.

Marketing Strategies

There’s a lot more to selling your home than placing an ad in the paper and a ‘FOR SALE’ sign in front of your property.

At Ray White Leading Edge of Clarkson you will have a choice of two major marketing strategies – Exclusive Agency and Public Auction. We will assist you in deciding on which approach is best for you, taking into account your particular property and your circumstances.

Sale by Exclusive Agency                                           

Your place your property in our hands as exclusive agents for an agreed period of time. As your exclusive agent we are committed to actively marketing the property for sale using the most appropriate promotional strategies. And we represent you in negotiations with a buyer: our total focus is on achieving the best possible outcome for you. 

Under this arrangement your property will be promoted with a predetermined asking price. However, the price could be changed in the final contract as a result of negotiations.

It could be above or below the intial asking price. You of course make the final decision on accepting the offer. 

Sale by Public Auction

In some circucumstamces we may recommend a sale by auction. This method can help achieve a good price in a relatively short period of time.

The contract of sale continues to be on your terms. You remain in control and the terms you set can include a number of special conditions.

On the conclusion of a successful auction, the purchaser is required to pay a 10% deposit and the unconditional contract of sale must be executed.

We’ll Inform You of the Best Time to Sell for your Particular Circumstance.

Ask most real estate agents the best time for you to sell and they’re more than likely to tell you the time is now.

The reason why they do this is that there’re often hesitant to predict how the market will move and invariably they’re desperate to have an immediate listing and sale.

In contrast to this approach we understand that while there could be other motives for you to sell the principal reasons that people sell are:

• To upgrade to a bigger, more suitable home for a family

• To relocate to a more conducive locality – eg. closer to work or in a particular   school zone

• Down-size to a smaller home or lower priced locality – and maybe take equity from the larger home for some personal use. This strategy has become popular with couples who no longer need the family home and would prefer a home that’s smaller and more manageable.

• To clear an investment property, perhaps taking up a new opportunity.

Many people fail to appreciate that certain market conditions will suit a particular circumstance more than another.

For instance, the ideal time for a family to upgrade to a bigger home is when demand at the top end has tapered off while demand for lower price homes is comparatively strong.

A market that’s slowing can be a particularly good time to make this type of move wheras the ideal time to down-size is likely to be the reverse.

If you tell us your aspirations – your objective of making your move, we can provide you with an ongoing service of advising you of market conditions and trends to help you make your move in market conditions best suited for your particular purpose.

Whilst we can never guarantee the particular directions that the property market is likely to take, we can keep you informed of the demand for property in the area, your likely selling price in the particular market and the trends in the local market that appear to be emerging so that you, with our help can choose the right moment to make your move.

• The Ray White Group in a family organisation with a fabulous history and it offers a standard of integrity that we consider to be a good fit with our own philosophies.

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