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  • If you’re in a position to make a move . . .

    It has to be said again, if you’re wanting to make a move to a higher priced property, the time to strike is now. The reason is that the tempo of sales for lower priced property is strong and the higher you go in property values, the slower it is. … Read more

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  • First Home Owner’s Grant: It’s still alive and kicking!

    It never ceases to surprise us how often we encounter people who have the belief that the First Home Owner’s Grant is no longer in existence. Be assured, the Grant of $7,000 towards the cost of purchasing a home is still in operation. The grant was introduced in July 2000 … Read more

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  • It’s still a great time to be a property investor

    Strong rental demand is continuing and in fact we’re not noticing any easing in demand for a rental property whatsoever. The great news for investors is that returns are not only excellent but are continuing to improve because we’re finding that we’re still able to gradually ease rents upwards. This … Read more

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