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Compassion Project – Philippines

Ray White Leading Edge completing another Compassion Project.


Location: 35km southwest of Legazpi, Philippines

The main objective of this critical intervention is to continue the reconstruction of the church building, including four classrooms, an office and a kitchen, at PH-464, Pilar Child Development Centre, after their facilities were severely damaged by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.
Specific objectives include the following:
• Complete the construction of the church and four classrooms, an office and a kitchen at Pilar Child Development Centre through the construction of the foundation, footing, tie beam, columns and beams after the existing structure was damaged by the typhoon
• Construct a strong, resilient, typhoon-proof church and classrooms for Compassion assisted children to ensure their comfort and convenience while participating in their weekly program activities

On 8 November 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan smashed into the Philippines coast. The largest typhoon to ever strike the Philippines, it left a trail of destruction across many villages, including Sorsogon, found on the tip of the Bicol Peninsula. Pilar Child Development Centre’s church building and classrooms sustained damages from the typhoon’s winds, leaving behind semi-permanent walls beyond repair. Classroom furniture such as tables and chairs were also destroyed.
Scientists and local authorities believe that stronger typhoons and other natural hazards are likely to occur in the future due to climate change. With no safe classrooms in which to conduct program activities, centre staff have a challenging time trying to run lessons in less than ideal conditions.

Pilar Child Development Centre began construction on a new child development centre and church building in September 2014. They were able to construct columns and foundations that will be typhoon-proof before they ran out of funds.

This critical intervention seeks to see the continuation of the construction of the new building with four classrooms, an office and a kitchen at Pilar Child Development Centre. The new building and classrooms will accommodate age-appropriate classes and will allow Compassion assisted children access to an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

Planning will begin with the final design and construction blueprint approved by the project committee. The canvasing of materials and licensing will take place with the purchase of materials and contractors selected in order to begin the intervention.
Construction of the remainder of the building, including the four classrooms, office and kitchen, will take place over a period of six months (with time allocated for finishing works). A task force will be appointed to ensure the construction is completed within the proposed time frame. The construction will be carried out by skilled carpenters, the parents and caregivers of Compassion assisted children, and church volunteers.
Following the conclusion of the activity, Compassion Philippines staff will complete a report on the project, which will give a comprehensive review of the intervention and provide an overview of the ways in which your support has benefited Compassion assisted children, their families and centre staff.

• By enabling the centre to rebuild, your support can play a vital role in helping a community to recover from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.
• The construction and repair of the building with four classrooms, an office and a kitchen at Pilar Child Development Centre will directly benefit 187 Compassion assisted children, their families, centre staff, and church members.
• Through the construction and repair of the building, Compassion assisted children will have a comfortable place where they will be able to engage in program activities in a safe environment which will result in increased attendance at the centre.